The process of introducing the child to kindergarten

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Entering kindergarten represents a big change for both parents and children. It is advisable for parents to prepare for this step first and take more time for themselves, their child and their relationship. Parents should therefore take the time to introduce their children to kindergarten.

Parents are initially present with the child in the group (during the epidemic they are with the child on the 1st day), they gradually leave the group and extend the time of absence, while the kindergarten teacher gradually takes over the role in caring for the child.

The approximate time of introduction is about 1-2 weeks (depending on the child). It is important that parents trust the kindergarten teacher, as this will make it easier for the child to accept the change.

In case the child is in too much distress (they cannot be comforted), we call the parents.

Suggestion: it is often difficult for mothers to introduce their children to kindergarten, so the introduction can be taken over by dad, grandma, grandpa…

More details about the introduction are agreed by the parents with the qualified education staff from the group.

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