Rights and obligations of parents

Enrolment and withdrawal from kindergarten, and the programme change:

  • You can enrol your child in kindergarten by filling out the appropriate enrolment form provided by the counsellor or the head of the kindergarten and signing the contract.
  • You must inform the kindergarten in writing about the child’s withdrawal from the kindergarten at least 15 days prior to the withdrawal.
  • If you want to change the programme (in case the kindergarten runs several programmes) that your child attends, do so in writing.
  • If you want to transfer your child to another unit of the kindergarten, let us know via the form available on the website or from the counsellor. The form sets a deadline for submission.
  • Upon entering the kindergarten, it is obligatory to submit a medical certificate on the child’s health condition and to acquaint the educator with the specificities of the child, knowledge of which is necessary for the child’s safety and work. For children who need a diet (medically indicated diet), parents must submit an appropriate medical certificate each year.

Payment for programmes:

  • On January 1, 2012, the Exercise of Rights from Public Funds Act (ZUPJS, ​​Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 62/10 and 40/11) came into force, which stipulates that all rights from public funds are exercised at the locally competent Department of Social Services (CSD). For a reduced kindergarten payment, the procedure is conducted under the new law.
  • The payment is determined by the competent Department of Social Services (CSD) on the basis of a scale that classifies parents into classes, taking into account the family’s income.
  • The price of the programmes is covered by the parents or legal representatives of the child (hereinafter: parents) and the municipality.
  • Parents claim the reduction of the payment with the Application for Exercising Rights from Public Funds, which they submit to the competent Department of Social Services.  According to Article 42 of the ZUPJS, ​​a person is obliged to report the facts and circumstances or any changes that affect the right from public funds, its amount and the period of receipt within eight days. Changes are communicated on a special form available at the Department of Social Services (CSD) and on the websites of the CSD and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.
  • For those parents who do not claim the reduction of the payment, the kindergarten issues an invoice in the amount of full payment.
  • Parents pay a maximum of 77% of the price of the programme in which the child is included. 77% of the price is the full payment of the parents.
  • The difference to the total price of the programme is covered by the municipality.
  • Daily meals which are not included in the programme are paid extra by the parents.


Decision amending the Decision on pricing of Bled Kindergarten programmes and on the rules on absence and calculation of programme prices during the child’s absence in Kindergarten, which shall apply from January 1, 2017 onwards.

Decision on pricing of Bled Kindergarten programmes and on the rules on absence and calculation of programme prices during the child’s absence in kindergarten

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