Helping strengthen families

In Bled Kindergarten we want to emphasize the importance of the basic and primary cell for the child, i.e. the family. We refer to the Family Code, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the awareness that parents in their parental roles often need support and advice. Parental care is the totality of the obligations and rights of parents to create, in accordance with their abilities, conditions in which a comprehensive development of the child will be ensured. We want to be supportive.

Through sets of designed activities – joint activities (ideas and tips for joint activities), empowerment (parental counselling, school for parents), and time (days when the family is together) – we have prepared a programme for the year 2020-21.

Joint activities with the child

  • autumn holidays: drawing on pebbles (to replace candles on graves), creating with autumn fruits
  • happy December: charity and joint activities, let’s cheer up our extended family, let’s connect intergenerationally
  • spring: a set of activities for playing in nature
  • summer holidays: a set of activities for playing in nature, water fun with the child


  • parental counselling (with a kindergarten teacher or a counsellor) – parents announce their interest by phone or e-mail
  • School for parents: in November:
    • link to the expert lecture
    • lecture by Sebastjan Kristovič: Educational consistency and setting boundaries WILL BE CARRIED OUT AGAINST THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 2020/21!


In the awareness that time is something we can give to a child, it is important that parents plan for it. As part of this, plan two weeks of vacation (during the summer, or other, holidays) to spend together, in a family circle. Simply be together, at home, in a nearby park, playground, in the woods, in the mountains, by a stream…

In the spirit of the Strengthening Families Programme we would like to inspire your family to visit two thematic trails in the vicinity of Bled:

  • the family thematic trail Godrnjačeva pot (more at and
  • the thematic trail around Lake Bled “ Don’t upset the Bled Goldhorn (you received the leaflet in the kindergarten, also available at

Find more useful information in the tab For Parents – Useful Articles and Ideas for Playing with Kids.

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