Kindergarten Units

Our kindergarten operates in two units: Bled and Bohinjska Bela.

Possibilities of enrollment in the Bled kindergarten

The kindergarten enrols and accepts preschool children into its programmes on the basis of applications and vacancies throughout the year.

The kindergarten mission

Our mission is to work with parents in order to develop curious, critical, creative and active individuals who love to learn, are responsible and respectful of themselves, fellow human beings, tradition, and the environment. We take care of the safe and comprehensive development of the individual. We are recognizable in our hometown and beyond.

Our vision

A New Generation Is Arising in the Bled Kindergarten. Smiling and Playfully We are Taking Our First Steps Into The World.

Our values

Responsibility, respect, solidarity, mature communication, acceptance of differences, sincerity, empathy, compassion, wisdom, honesty, gratitude, friendship, etiquette, kindness, openness, cooperation, tradition, knowledge, health, humanity.
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