Withdrawal of a child from kindergarten

Parents can withdraw a child from kindergarten at any time, with a fifteen-day notice period, which begins on the day of receipt of the written notice, either at the kindergarten seat or in the kindergarten unit.

The withdrawn child has no advantage in the event of re-admission to kindergarten. You can get the withdrawal form from the kindergarten counsellor or you can print it out by clicking on the link below. 

Parents must inform the competent Department of Social Services, where they have submitted an application for exercising their rights from public funds, about the child’s withdrawal from kindergarten.

Statement of withdrawal

Withdrawal of a child going to primary school in september

Parents need to withdraw their child who will start attending primary school on September 1 from Bled Kindergarten by filling out the form “Statement of withdrawal“. You can get the form from the kindergarten teacher, counsellor or at the link above.

The child is discharged no later than 15 days before the intended departure of the child from the kindergarten. On the withdrawal form, you state the date of the withdrawal as the last day when the child will still be in kindergarten.

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