Special features of the kindergarten

In kindergarten, we pay special attention to exercise and health care. We defend the position that children must satisfy the need to exercise and that motor development promotes mental development.

We perform many physical activities (White Bunny, exercise before breakfast, sports mornings, skiing, swimming, skating courses for older children, Golden Sun, walks, trips, FIT club….). Children get active in the gym, and we also take care of daily exercise in the fresh air. The nature surrounding the kindergarten offers many opportunities for walks and excursions. We visit a playroom in the woods, where we set up a maze of “creativity and love” together with some parents. We enriched the playroom with a “kožarica” (a cottage made of spruce bark) and benches. We are introducing contents from the FIT programme very successfully, and we have implemented FITKO as an enrichment activity.

We have been running a weekly library for children in the kindergarten for many years, and thus promoting a reading culture. Many activities are organized in cooperation with the school, e.g. various celebrations, work actions, trips, performances… As an interesting fact we should present RING, which is a monthly gathering with schoolchildren and singing folk songs.

We are involved in joint activities with the parent unit of the Bled kindergarten and the school. We regularly carry out ECO contents and introduce children to caring for the environment. Together with the school, we strive to arrange the surroundings of the school. We are present at events in the village, we cooperate well with the local community and associations, and we connect with the locals.

In the unit, we strive to introduce modern approaches to work with children and get involved in various projects. But above all, it is important to us is that every child is seen and heard.

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