Bohinjska Bela unit

The unit is only 5 km away from Bled, in Bohinjska Bela. The kindergarten is small, has one class this year, and operates in the building of the elementary school branch.

The kindergarten was established in 1979 on the initiative of locals and is primarily intended for children with permanent residence in Bohinjska Bela. Every year, we form a class according to the number and age of enrolled children (the class is preferably heterogeneous of the second age group or mixed).

This school year, there is one heterogeneous class (children aged 3 to 6). Children gain social experience with younger and older children, and there is a strong connection with school.

A small kindergarten provides children with safety and homeliness, and the consistency of the staff contributes a lot to this. The work in the department is specific due to the different ages of the children, the children get used to tolerance and mutual understanding.

The unit in Bohinjska Bela is open from 6.30 am to 4.00 pm.

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