For parents

Cooperation with parents

Cooperation between parents and professional workers enables better knowledge of the child and his needs and more coordinated educational activities, which is crucial for the well-being of children, enabling them to develop more harmoniously and successfully in all areas.

The first close cooperation is needed when introducing a child to kindergarten. The child has the right and the need for gradual introduction to kindergarten, and we help parents with advice and enable them to stay with the child in the kindergarten for a short period (you can read more under the section Enrolment – The process of introducing the child to kindergarten).

Parents have the right to access preschool programmes (curriculum), to be informed about life and work in kindergarten, and the right to privacy, with an emphasis on the protection of personal data.

Parents have the right to participate in planning and organizing life and work in the kindergarten and a group. In doing so, they must respect the limits of their decision-making and cannot interfere with the professional autonomy of the kindergarten.

Forms of cooperation

  • Membership in the Council of the Bled Kindergarten
  • Membership in the Parents’ Council of the Bled Kindergarten,
  • Real-time information via notice boards for parents, corners for parents and via e-mail
  • Parent-teacher conferences once a month
  • Joint parent-teacher conferences
  • PTA meetings: when enrolling a child, when introducing a child to kindergarten and every year at the beginning of the school year
  • Joint meetings: in festive December, in spring and at the end of the school year
  • Individual meetings
  • Participation of parents in the work process
  • Workshops or lectures for parents

We would like the parents to participate in the various activities of their children’s groups. The parents and the professional staff agree upon the content and the scope of their cooperation.

Parents get real-time information about their child on daily basis. They also provide relevant real-time information to the professional staff. An in-depth conversation about the child is possible during parent-teacher conferences.

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