Child enrolment

The kindergarten enrols and accepts preschool children into its programmes on the basis of applications and vacancies throughout the year.  The kindergarten can accept a child when they have reached the age of at least 11 months, if the parents no longer exercise the right to parental leave in the form of full absence from work.

At least once a year the kindergarten publishes the public entry for enrolment of children in the kindergarten for the new school year (most likely in March).

Parents enrol their children at the kindergarten counsellor or at the kindergarten administration. To enrol in a kindergarten, parents submit an Application for enrolling a child in a kindergarten (on the prescribed form in writing), which they receive from the counsellor or on the kindergarten’s website.

Admission of a child

If the number of children enrolled in kindergarten is lower than the number of vacancies, the kindergarten principal or a person authorized by them decide on the admission of children.

If there are more children enrolled in the kindergarten than can be accepted, the Admission Committee decides on the admission of children. The Committee also draws up a queue for children to be admitted to kindergarten, which, subject to changes, is regularly arranged by the counsellor. The enrolment and admission of newcomers to kindergarten is regulated by the Rules on Admission of Children to Kindergarten and the Rules on Amendments to the Rules on Admission of Children to Kindergarten, which also determine the criteria for admission of children to kindergarten.

Parents are notified by post of the child’s admission or placement on the waiting list.

The kindergarten informs the parents about the date of admission of the child in the kindergarten with the Notice of admission of the child to the kindergarten and about other conditions for the admission of the child to the kindergarten. When the parents receive the notification that the child has been admitted to the kindergarten, they receive the Agreement on Mutual Rights and Obligations between the kindergarten and the parents for signing. By signing the contract between the kindergarten and the parents, the child is considered to be admitted to the kindergarten. If the parents do not sign the contract within 15 days of receiving the notification of the child’s admission to the kindergarten, it is considered that the parents have withdrawn the application for enrolment of the child in the kindergarten.

Before the child enters the kindergarten, the parents must:

  • return the Contract and Parental Consent, completed and signed by both parents (for the use of personal data, photography, product display…); list in the consent all the persons who will come to pick up the child (persons must sign!);
  • submit a completed Medical Certificate of the child’s health condition by a paediatrician, no later than August 31, 2020 or hand it over to your child’s educator at the first meeting;
  • return the completed form Electronic absence notification of children and
  • return the form Payment of fees through a direct debit (submit if you choose this option);

To claim a reduced kindergarten fee, parents must submit An Application for Exercising the Rights from Public Funds to the competent Department for Social Services (CSD) one month before the child enters the kindergarten in August (or if the child comes to the kindergarten later – e.g. in October, you must submit the application in September). The application is available on the website of the kindergarten, at CSD or can be bought in a bookshop; form no. 8.45. On the basis of this application, the CSD will determine your classification in the payment class for the payment of kindergarten. Therefore, parents submit the application in the month before the child enters kindergarten and NOT before!

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